Casual Dating Based on Sexual Chemistry

The Next Generation of Casual Dating - casual dating site represents a new era in the world of online casual dating. Geared toward flexible, fun and adventurous people who love the thrill of sexual chemistry, realizes that not all relationships need to be committed. More and more people are looking for a casual type of relationship - something that's easy and relaxed, something that allows both people to retain their single status. Our members want to find some friends with benefits or start up a no-strings-attached relationship - an arrangement that offers something more than sex, without the ties of conventional dating.

Sexy and fun, isn't stuck up or stuffy, like traditional dating sites are. Thanks to our sophisticated take on casual dating, our site is able to convert various types of traffic. - casual dating site offers its members a unique experience by selecting matches based on proven sexual chemistry factors. Our members can hear potential dates' voices, watch their body language, review sexual compatibility reports and see what they look like in real life - all before actually meeting in person. That way, they don't waste hours getting to know someone, only to finally meet in person and realize there's no spark. was started because we saw the need for sexual chemistry to be factored into the dating equation, and unrealistic dating rules found on traditional dating sites that are out of touch with today's market.

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